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Making Digital and Print Media Work Together

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Making Digital and Print Media Work Together

Print is still the preferred medium for most people to consume their information. Yes, a large percentage of people have started searching for and consuming products and services online, but there is an excellent chance that these people were directed online through the print medium. In today’s world, most successful companies are finding ways to make their digital and print media work together. After all, both have their distinct advantages that can be leveraged by each other to create a well-rounded marketing strategy to broaden your reach. Here are a few ideas that will help you get your print and digital media to work together.


QR Codes | Print Miami

QR Codes and Personalized URLs

Using QR codes or personalized URLs is a great way to drive traffic to your online presence. The consumer just needs to scan the QR code or visit the URL printed on your media. Doing this will not only help you track the success of your print media campaign efficiently but will also help you gather valuable data that could be critical to the success of your campaign.

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Use Social Media alongside Print Media

As mentioned earlier, you can drive traffic from your print media to your social profiles easily. You can even do the opposite by encouraging your social followers to take a look at your print media and visit your store. By leveraging your social profiles to increase the footfalls in your store, you can ensure that your product catalogs and brochures are in the hands of some of your most loyal followers.

Leverage Print to Build a Customer Database

You can use your print media to help build up your customer database. Just hand out flyers that can get your customers to sign up for your mailing list by offering them exclusive deals and discounts.

E-mail and Print Marketing | Print Miami

Time Your E-mails and Print Marketing

Do not bombard the customer with your media. If the customer keeps seeing the same ad over and over again, he may get tired of your brand and might get put off. Make sure you do not overexpose your brand to the person. It would be alright if once in a while if the customer sees your flyers or banners around the city and sees the same ad online. Just be careful and do not overdo it.

Seek Feedback

Always ask your customers, how they landed up on your website or where they found your contact information. Getting this feedback will help you assess which of your marketing methods the customer responds. You could then tailor your campaigns only to reach such customers in the future and save up on your marketing costs.
As new and exciting digital media methods start springing up, there is entirely no need to abandon print media. It pays to leverage the benefits of both the media and using them in conjunction only helps you broaden your reach. For all your print requirements, you can get in touch with Print Miami in Florida. We are experts in next day and rush printing services. We serve clients from Florida City, Orlando and Long Island as well. Get in touch with us today for quality printing solutions at affordable rates.

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